Our Unique Ingredients

Ingredients are our passion. All of our products contain a world of Latin flavors which are sure to be a great addition to a variety of dishes.

Sustainable Palm Oil

Non GMO Project Verified

Gluten-Free Certified

Certified Kosher

Cholesterol Free

No Preservatives

Trans Fat Free

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Why Sustainable Palm Oil?

Xochitl believes strongly that the earth’s resources are fragile and extra steps are taken to purchase it’s fry oil from superior Sustainable Palm Oil providers.  The crops used to produce our oil are not expanded by encroaching the natural forest surroundings and these crops would not have existed naturally in the wild.

The palms plants require less land to produce more oil than traditional frying oils.  Reducing the agricultural footprint needed to produce a superior product was a major factor in Xochitl choosing palm oil.

Xochitl evaluated traditional oils but found that Palm Oil reduces our carbon footprint due to the oils high flashpoint and lasts much longer that traditional frying oils hence we need less oil to produce our chips.

The extra costs we incur to procure our ingredients produce a high quality product. We hope that you will agree that Xochitl is a conscientious manufacturer and the final products that we produce is not only tasty and healthy snack food, but we are doing our share to meet market demand while reducing/eliminating any negative impacts that effect our planet.

Please check out the following information on how our palm supplier addresses your concerns about using palm oil for the chips you have enjoyed. 

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